About Us

We are a small, family-run second-hand bookshop, and we have been selling books for more than 10 years. We love the smell and feel of the book paper which breathes with wisdom and old times. Our absolute nightmare is books ending up in a container or in the fireplace. Our goal is to provide books with a new home: your home.

Why buy a book from us? 

  • You will receive your book in its best possible condition (we inspect, clean, and glue the books - if needed)
  • Before sending the book, we pack it so that it does not get damaged on its way to you
  • We ship quickly
  • We communicate with you (by e-mail and phone)
  • 100% of our customers on (price comparator and review website) would recommend our store to their friends

Contact Address (not a store)

Antikvariát Knihy z půdy

Mgr. Jana Vejříková

Obětí nacismu 1

350 02  Cheb

Business ID: 699 59 641

This address is not the address of a public establishment (a brick and mortar store), it is only a contact address for correspondence. All sales are made online using this e-store interface. 

Contact Person / Owner

Mgr. Jana Vejříková

Phone: +420 608 129 774



Business Registrar: Competent authority according to §71 paragraph 2 of the Trade Act: Cheb Municipal Office